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BW Digital, a subsidiary of the global energy and maritime conglomerate, BW Group, has partnered with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), a provider of top-tier international carrier services, to collaborate on the Hawaiki Nui 1 submarine cable system.

This initiative marks the first phase of BW Digital's submarine cable development program, boasting a capacity exceeding 240 Tbps. The increased capacity can support the growing demand for high-speed internet services, facilitate data transfer between APAC countries and other global regions, and contribute to the region's economic growth by enabling seamless communication and data exchange.

Additionally, the development of such high-capacity submarine cables underscores the region's commitment to advancing digital connectivity and positioning itself as a key player in the global digital economy.

Improving Connectivity, Diversity, and Security

The Hawaiki Nui 1 will link Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore, with potential extensions to the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Timor Leste.

Spanning approximately 10,000 km, the cable will follow a more efficient path northeast of Australia through the Torres Strait, improving connectivity, diversity, and security between Australasia and Southeast Asia. It will also establish the first direct cable connection between Sydney and Darwin, and from Darwin to Singapore, with additional branches to Jakarta and Batam in Indonesia.

BW Digital and Telin will jointly develop, procure, and construct the Hawaiki Nui 1 cable, anticipated to be operational by 2027, with Telin acting as the Indonesian landing party. This collaboration builds on a March announcement of a partnership between BW Digital and Citramas Group to develop a digital ecosystem at the Nongsa Digital Park in Batam, Indonesia.

Digital Ecosystem Enhancement

This digital ecosystem will include an 80MW data center supporting regional businesses, governments, and communities, offering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions such as landing infrastructure for new submarine cables, connectivity, data storage, and computing power for AI and machine learning (ML) applications.

The provision of landing infrastructure for new submarine cables enhances the region's connectivity to global networks, facilitating faster and more reliable data transmission. This is crucial for businesses and governments alike, enabling them to access international markets and collaborate seamlessly across borders.

The availability of data storage solutions within the data center addresses the burgeoning need for secure and scalable storage capabilities. As data continues to grow exponentially, businesses require robust storage infrastructure to manage and analyze vast amounts of information efficiently.

Moreover, AI and ML are transforming industries by enabling advanced analytics, automation, and predictive capabilities. By offering access to high-performance computing resources, the ecosystem empowers businesses to leverage these technologies for competitive advantage and innovation.

Notably, Citramas Group, a diversified enterprise, operates in sectors including oilfield equipment manufacturing, infrastructure development, and hospitality and leisure.

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