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ZTE Corporation, a global leader in integrated information and communication technology solutions, has partnered with China Telecom's Shanghai Branch to create a blueprint for smart parks that will utilize 5G-A technology.

This initiative combines technology, nature, and human sentiment to bring about a new era of urban development. City parks are no longer just places for leisurely walks; they have become popular destinations for exploration and relaxation.

Augmented reality (AR) park tours have revitalized the traditional physical activity of visiting parks. Powered by 5G-A technology, this experience provides vivid images, videos, and 3D models at incredible speeds, allowing for seamless transitions between reality and fantasy. AR guides can enhance experiences in science and historical museums, transcending time boundaries. Parks now offer globally renowned activities, drawing inspiration from the likes of cherry blossom festivals, starry-sky strewn camping trips, and weekend markets.

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The introduction of 5G-A 10 Gbps CampSites has eliminated network congestion in crowded areas, ensuring instant photo-sharing and live streams. Shanghai's Summer Night Life Festival has transformed parks into stages for entertainment. Utilizing 5G-A technology, live broadcasting is liberated from cable limitations, enabling real-time, high-quality video transmission for viewers at home.

Moreover, Century Park has enhanced its security and emergency response capabilities by introducing drone security patrols in collaboration with China Telecom's Shanghai Branch. The innovative Cluster-DRS+ solution enables real-time, high-definition video transmission, ensuring stable connectivity for drones.

During MWC Shanghai 2024, drone delivery services will be showcased within the park, offering on-demand orders and precise navigation. 5G-A ISAC base stations have been deployed in Century Park for low-altitude security, providing route planning for drone operations and ensuring precise aerial security control.

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Smart city parks combine nature's beauty with modern living, offering visitors a harmonious and enriching experience. 5G-A technology plays a key role in bridging reality with virtualization, enhancing connectivity and ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment in these parks, ushering in a new era of urban development.

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