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Rakuten Mobile has announced that their mobile carrier service now has over 7 million subscribers as of June 16, 2024. In just over two months since reaching 6.5 million subscribers, the entity has successfully added 500,000 more, making this the largest increase in three months since launching the Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII plan.

Since launching their mobile carrier service in April 2020, Rakuten Mobile has been working to make the mobile industry more accessible by offering affordable and simple service plans. They have been expanding their network area by building base stations and engaging in roaming agreements.

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Rakuten Ecosystem Diversification

To attract more customers, Rakuten Mobile has introduced new programs such as the SAIKYO KIDS Program in May 2024, which rewards customers aged 12 and under with 440 Rakuten Points each month if they use 3 GB of data or less.

They have also launched the SAIKYO FAMILY Program and SAIKYO YOUTH Program to provide affordable mobile services to different demographics. For corporate customers, Rakuten Mobile offers tailored services through the Rakuten Group.

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They recently introduced the Rakuten Mobile Buddycom Set, a discount package for accommodation facilities registered with Rakuten Travel. This initiative has been well received by partner companies across the Rakuten Ecosystem. Rakuten Mobile is also focused on improving network quality. They were recognized by Opensignal in April 2024 as Japan's leading mobile network service provider in five performance areas.

Furthermore, they have started radio frequency testing for the 700 MHz spectrum, aiming to roll out commercial services using this band on their own base stations in urban areas.

Rakuten Mobile is committed to enhancing network quality and expanding their services to provide top-notch mobile services for all customers in Japan, from families to corporate clients.

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