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While flash calling can be a convenient way to convey a message or signal urgency without engaging in a full conversation, it also has the potential to be misused or cause harm in certain situations.

A flash call is an authentication method that verifies identification without asking the end user to perform any specified actions. It is a relatively new method for implementing two-factor authentication (2FA).

In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Stanley Manzini; and Pavel Salatiuk, Executive VP of Sales & Partnerships shared insights into Vox Solutions' innovative strategies for tackling flash calls and artificial traffic in the APAC region. Together, they discussed how advanced technologies like AI and ML are being leveraged to combat these challenges. Additionally, they explored the company's strategic partnership with Bridge Alliance, through which they aim to elevate network and service offerings.

What is the frequency of flash calls in the APAC region, and how does Vox tackle this challenge?

Manzini: A new report from Juniper Research, foremost experts in emerging communications technologies, has found that operators will lose $1.3 billion to undetected flash calls cumulatively between 2023 and 2027. Flash calling services are particularly in demand in regions with a high need for authentication services and where SMS mobile termination rates are elevated, as is the case in APAC.

In APAC, the demand for authentication services and the prevalence of high mobile termination rates has created an environment ripe for flash calling. Additionally, there is a notable issue of artificial inflation of traffic. Juniper Research has revealed that flash calls in APAC can cannibalize up to 20 percent of SMS volumes, posing a substantial threat to A2P revenues and overall traffic value.

Our main goal is to help address them and turn them into new profitability by capitalizing on the new revenue stream opportunity of monetizing flash calls. Vox Solutions is an innovation-centric company. Over the past 12 months, we have taken the lead in addressing the issues of flash calling and artificial traffic, both in terms of raising awareness and implementing effective solutions.

Through our case studies, we have demonstrated the efficacy of our solutions in mitigating the anticipated 20 percent loss. Our goal is to ensure the business of our partners remains commercially viable, irrespective of the threats. 

Could you elaborate on Vox's approach to tackling AIT, trashing, and other associated fraud scenarios using advanced technologies such as AI and ML in the region?

Salatiuk: Publications from companies like Juniper Research highlight that the global cost of artificial inflated traffic for enterprises surpassed USD 9 billion in 2023—a significant sum. As a result, enterprises worldwide are keen to address this issue.

Unfortunately, forecasts indicate that by 2027, artificial inflated traffic will represent 11 percent of global traffic, necessitating action from enterprises to implement additional channels for traffic verification. This issue is particularly prevalent in Central and East Europe, as well as in Asia, where SMS market rates can reach 20 cents, leading to inflated traffic and SMS trashing.

This not only results in substantial revenue for fraudsters but also poses challenges in detection due to its complexity. Moreover, it doesn't directly impact MNOs' top-line revenue but significantly affects network performance and customer satisfaction, leading to increased churn.

AI is a buzzword; not every solution offers the necessary accuracy and algorithms to detect SMS trashing and artificial traffic. MNOs must invest in relevant tools and technologies to minimize revenue leakage and explore new revenue streams.

Please outline Vox's market position and strategic approach in Asia.

Manzini: In Asia, the prevalence of flash calling is notably high, reaching up to 20 percent due to elevated rates and the presence of AIT and grey routes. This situation compromises service quality, leading to increased churn and increased customer complaints. At the end of the day, we all aim to  deliver the best customer user experience. However, if we are delivering the messages via grey routes, that means that we are compromising on the quality that the customer gets, which unfortunately causes a high churn. Our strategic approach focuses on restoring growth and sustainability to networks (vital for acquiring, retaining, and growing the subscriber bases).

Our technology addresses these challenges effectively, offering dynamic pricing models and innovative solutions tailored to different messaging needs, including promotional messages. Currently, pricing strategies often lack differentiation, typically offering a single rate for MTR. However, our approach is innovative; we provide distinct pricing for notifications and promotional messages. This strategy is groundbreaking as it enables SMS’ to compete with WhatsApp, a significant disruptor in today's market.

We also work with enterprises and having good relationships with them will ensure that you get back the volumes. We have more than 400 direct connections globally ensuring comprehensive coverage and support for MNOs.

We serve as a trusted one-stop partner, prioritizing MNOs' interests and providing best-in-class anti-fraud technology to combat flash calling and other fraud scenarios. With adaptable technology ready to tackle current and future network challenges, our goal in Asia is clear: to bring back the growth and sustainability to their networks. 

How does Vox leverage its partnership with Bridge Alliance to enhance its network and service offerings across Asia?

Salatiuk: From our point of view, Bridge Alliance has consistently shown a commitment to investing in partners with cutting-edge technology. They have recognized the uniqueness of our flash call technology, which not only maximizes revenue but also effectively blocks alternative communication channels. As an alliance of premium MNOs, including market leaders like Telkomsel and Singtel, Bridge Alliance selects the best solutions for its partners.

We are proud to be part of this alliance and have presented our comprehensive product portfolio, including our innovative flash calling solution, VOX-360. The response and interest from Bridge Alliance has been exceptionally positive, leading to advanced discussions with multiple MNOs within the group. We aim to deepen these discussions, integrate our technology into their networks, and become a strategic partner essential to their success.

Manzini: We are very proud to be among Bridge Alliance's technology partners as they work with the best in the group. In summary, Vox Solutions has spearheaded several industry-first initiatives that underscore our suitability for partnership with Bridge Alliance.

Firstly, we were the pioneering company to raise awareness about flash calling with the Mobile EcoSystem Forum (MEF),  subsequently developing the first flash calling solution and implementing it effectively. Similarly, we led the way in raising awareness about artificial inflation of traffic (AIT) and creating a solution to address this issue, which we successfully implemented.

We believe that the technological landscape is forever changing and in order to remain relevant, collaboration remains a key element; and you don't just collaborate with anybody, you collaborate with the best in the market.

Bridge Alliance leads the market in terms of network quality, coverage, and the caliber of its partners, along with the exceptional support they provide. We believe none of us is as strong as all of us together.

What are key events that Vox has been involved in? How do these engagements align with the company’s objectives and industry positioning?

Manzini: We're excited to announce that we'll be hosting the upcoming GSMA event—WAS#20 on 23 – 26 September , taking place in Indonesia, Bali  ( —showcasing our alignment with MNO objectives and providing a platform for APAC MNOs. Additionally, we'll participate in Telecoms World Asia in Thailand on 19 -20 November 2024 and the Bridge Alliance CXO Forum in Singapore in October 2024, engaging with key players in the industry.

Furthermore, we're conducting webinars dedicated to APAC MNOs and organizing events focused on the APAC region, demonstrating our commitment to supporting regional growth and sustainability.

Could you share recent awards or recognitions that demonstrate the quality of Vox's service offerings?

Salatiuk: One recognition we're particularly proud of is receiving the Antonio Meucci Award for ‘Best Solution Provider,’ acknowledging our excellence in AI and machine learning (ML) technology. Additionally, we recently achieved ‘Tier One’ status as a monetization and aggregation provider in the ROCCO SMS Monetisation Market Impact Report 2024, as voted by MNOs in the industry. This external validation is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We're immensely grateful to our customers and partners for their trust and support, and we remain dedicated to continuously improving our technology to meet their evolving needs.

Manzini: Vox Solutions has been honored with the ‘Platinum’ award for the ‘Best Flash Call Authentication Solution’ at the Future Digital Awards. Being recognized as the platinum winner for 3 consecutive years underscores our leadership in this field. Such consistent recognition reaffirms the effectiveness and quality of our solutions. You can read more here:

Vox Solutions has won:

  • Tier 1 vendor in the ROCCO SMS Monetization Market Impact Report 2024
  • Best AI/ML Innovation at the Global Carrier Awards 2023
  • Best Solution Provider at the Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards 2023
  • Best Flash Call Authentication Solution at the Juniper Awards in 2022, 2023 and 2024
  • Best Personal Data & Identity—A2P Voice Monetization Solution at the MEFFYS Awards 2022
  • Best Anti-Fraud Innovation at the Global Carrier Awards in 2019 and 2021

About VOX Solutions:

Vox Solutions simplifies, improves, and optimizes Voice and SMS channels using the latest innovations in technology. The company enables mobile operators to monetize their A2P services in a sustainable way, leveraging proprietary technology.

Vox Solutions utilizes its multi-award-winning anti-fraud technology, VOX-360, to offer a reliable, accurate and real-time view of operators’ voice and SMS services. By partnering with operators, Vox Solutions provides secure & reliable 2FA services to enterprises, globally.

For MNOs, Vox Solutions is focused on monetization of SMS and Voice services, being the first  company in the market to offer a Flash Calling (Voice A2P) end-to-end solution.

For the enterprise segment, Vox Solutions focus on A2P messaging, A2P & P2P Voice, while also providing solutions focused on Cloud Communications.

Its unique VOX-360 solution also won numerous global awards for the anti fraud, flash call authentication and AI/ML innovations.


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